Alltech Inc.

Custom Computer Services

Custom System Configurations

If you would like help designing, building or customizing your computer system Email us We will consult with you to determine what the best software, hardware or configuration is best for you. We also have pre-configured Networks Windows Nt Server with Windows 95/98 Workstations running @ 100Mb/sec. Available with any level RAID or Backup other hardware configured to your specification.

Network Design and Configuration

We design and customize your Network to fit your needs. We can setup and test your software, hardware and configurations before you have to rely on them. This makes changing into a new Network smooth with little or no down time. Migration of your data into the new Network is also available Training of a designated employee to do light administrative tasks is recommended.

This Webpage is under Development. This is a page for information and contact purposes at this time. Alltech accepts customers on a first come bases. Individual quality attention is given to each customer
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